Natures' creative expressions are seemingly limitless. From DNA to butterflies, from people to galaxies, from making love to preparing food, creative wonders never seem to cease. Artists and their creations are part of that innate force of the universe.

In my artistic journey I've found that creating realistic, familiar and safe images is relatively easy but not very rewarding. What drives, challenges and inspires me is going places that I've never been, making art unlike anything that I've seen and with each new piece, in my own style, creating images that are completely unique, untethered from conventional norms and aesthetics.

As a self-taught outsider artist I find there's tremendous freedom, adventure and value in creating an independent process, giving myself permission to experiment and make art that is something truly original. My works are a merging of inspiration and mindful attention to each moment of creating.

My intention is to create work that will inspire others to connect with, honor, manifest and express their deepest, truest selves.